Emma KG Design Clients
“I had the pleasure of working beside Emma at Bellingham Technical College for more than three years, both in person and remotely. Emma is a consummate professional, with incredible attention to detail, a deep commitment to accuracy and clarity of information, and a wealth of creativity. She was a vital part of our team and our campus. As our sole designer, she was able to juggle deadlines and feedback cycles, multitask, and work efficiently and effectively while still maintaining a strong creative style. She handled an incredibly high workload, and created everything from brochures and flyers to data visualization and unique illustrations.
Emma is an excellent communicator, whether working face-to-face or remotely. She checks in frequently with drafts and questions and is very conscientious of keeping project timelines, while still being flexible and nimble in responding to feedback and edits. 
Emma is a joy to be around and is always approachable and easy to work with for a wide variety of projects and audiences. She is thoughtful and considerate, anticipating the impacts of all angles of a project and keeping her client and her audience in mind as she works. She views each project as important, whether it’s big or small, and she works diligently to ensure that she is creating materials that not only meet but exceed her clients’ expectations. Her skills would be an asset to any organization.”
~Zoe Fraley
Director of Communications at Bellingham Technical College
Former Social Media Manager at Western Washington University
Former Marketing Assistant & former coworker at BTC

“I hired Emma Kelly-Glasoe to make some improvements to my author website and to fix some glitches. Her communication was clear and her rates and hours to do the work were very reasonable. She found the tiny error in a link that I had missed and was able to fix it very quickly. She was proactive in proposing alternate (and simple) ways to make the improvements I needed. I highly recommend Emma and will hire her again next time I need website help.”
~Karen Meadows
Published author & freelance client

“Emma Kelly-Glasoe designed a portfolio website for me. I provided the content and she did the rest. This included design, layout, organization and website identification and license. She was patient with me; listening and translating my desires into an interactive and spiffy looking site that exceeded my own vision. I would definitely recommend Emma Kelly-Glasoe’s expertise. She was a joy to work with.”
~Dennis Ladick
Artist & freelance client

“Emma manages an intensive, high-volume workload often with short lead times. She is detail-oriented and gives each project her full attention. Emma consistently works to inform and educate clients of the appropriate amount of time needed to create the best possible outcome. She does this with the intention of allowing for creative design time and best solutions for each project. She is articulate in explaining this to clients. Emma consistently completes her work on time or ahead of schedule and on budget. She demonstrates a strong commitment to increasing productivity and she works at a faster pace than normally expected for the position. She is flexible and willing to rearrange her production schedule to make room for last-minute projects with a positive demeanor.
Emma is always professional, approachable and positive. She is open to client feedback, which is key to her success. If she disagrees with a direction she offers an alternate solution. Many departments tell me how much they appreciate and like working with Emma. 
Melisa Nelson (BTC Business Services) coordinated a poster which had multiple levels of stakeholder feedback. Emma took the multiple rounds of design in stride and Melisa came to me afterwards to compliment Emma’s flexibility. 
RaeLyn Axlund-McBride (BTC Executive Director) also felt that Emma went above and beyond to create the Strategic Plan poster that would grab the campus’s attention—she too complimented Emma on her design ability and her willingness to interpret feedback and meld two different designs.
Emma shows considerable dedication and commitment to excellence. She is a creative and at the same time process-oriented. Annually Emma’s design work is recognized with awards both regionally and nationally through the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations.”
~Marni Saling Mayer
Director of Marketing & Communications at Whatcom Community College
Former Director of Marketing & Communications & former supervisor at BTC

“I have had the good fortune of knowing Emma Kelly-Glasoe since 2017. During that time, Emma has continually impressed me with her positive attitude, integrity, and generosity. Emma is someone I trust and rely upon, both personally and professionally. 
I have relied on Emma as a mentor since before the inception of my small business, and her input and professional advice has proven invaluable as I've worked to get my company off the ground. 
In fact, Emma is one of the reasons why I started my business as her enthusiasm and coaching gave me the confidence to take the leap to entrepreneurship. I highly recommend Emma - she is highly talented and will make an invaluable addition to your team.”
~Miranda Leon Jones
Small Business Owner